As much as it is hard to believe the news, it is all that much interesting to know the things and people behind this heart throbbing masterpiece.

The Heartbeat Car

The project is a joint initiative of Lexus Australia and the creative technology division of M&C Saatchi Australia, Tricky Jigsaw. The aim of this 6 months project is to change the view from top speeds to sheer thrill of driving, says Ben Cooper, innovation director at M&C Saatchi. I suppose you too would agree after watching the commercial.

A Lexus engineer, Yukihiko Yaguchi, initiated the Lexus F project on his days off, following his dream of creating a car with capabilities that were ‘the best around’. The result was the Lexus IS F – a fast, thrilling sports sedan that challenged the competition and resonated with drivers around the world.

In the commercial, the professional driver and his LEXUS RC F are connected by a wearable heart beat monitor which sends alternating signals to the processor which activates the paint job. The specialized biometric paintwork emits light when electric current is passed through them. The biometric paint is a product of the U.S based company, Lumilor and emits light only when electric current is passed through leaving the car to be at its original color until the cockpit is not occupied. Unfortunately LEXUS has no plans to launch this color variant. Check out the making video below.



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Source : The Heartbeat Car