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3D Video Bikes – The Next Big Thing in OOH Advertisement

With Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Vine and Vimeo there is one other platform where technology allows brands to display their video content, its on a 3D Video Bikes Its incredible to see how technology is shaping people’s lives and what they see around. The Riders of the Wheel of Advertisement Kiryl and Art Stavenka’s founded kino-mo, a london based start-up company who won the virgin start-up of the year award for...

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Only a 90s born will understand

Ever wondered if you could rewind your entire life back to the start of your memories and sit back while it scrolls, well it so happened to me and the following might have been instances that amazes you too. Sit tight and scroll on Kodak Cameras – The Age of the Printed Photographs Casio Databank – The iPhone of the 95s at school 1998 – Video Games – Times we forgot...