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3D Video Bikes – The Next Big Thing in OOH Advertisement

With Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Vine and Vimeo there is one other platform where technology allows brands to display their video content, its on a 3D Video Bikes Its incredible to see how technology is shaping people’s lives and what they see around. The Riders of the Wheel of Advertisement Kiryl and Art Stavenka’s founded kino-mo, a london based start-up company who won the virgin start-up of the year award for...

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The Room Mate Theory

If you are wondering what could be the Room-Mate Theory or is it a picked up theory from one of Barney Stinson’s, then I suggest you read this so called theory and realize that the theory applies to everyone who has lived with a room mate. In a few paragraphs, you will come across some weird specimens I have gone through and so would you have. The Germaphobic roomie Hilarious...