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Man Shaves His Beard After 14 Years – Stuns Family

A beautiful video spot of how this dude(Mook) stunned his family after shaving his beard after 14 long years. Creative concept for Super-Pharm’s private label razors – M6 by Israeli creative agency BRR Saatchi&Saatchi. Did you know the idea originated from an agency staff as he recalled his childhood memories of when he saw his dad clean shaved and couldn’t recognize at all. Emotional quotient(EQ) is a thin string, have seen very few...

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Introducing The World’s First Car with a Heart Beat – LEXUS Commercial

As much as it is hard to believe the news, it is all that much interesting to know the things and people behind this heart throbbing masterpiece. The project is a joint initiative of Lexus Australia and the creative technology division of M&C Saatchi Australia, Tricky Jigsaw. The aim of this 6 months project is to change the view from top speeds to sheer thrill of driving, says Ben Cooper,...