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Rebranding of The Bengal

Bengal tourism’s latest brand campaign with their new identity,’The sweetest part of India’ is no doubt a wrap of all the little things Bengal is known for. Some know Bengal for its sweets, some for its culture, some for its natural diversity and some for its well spoken people and this is what Ogilvy and Mather have for us in the ad. This brand ad is a meticulously thought about and shot,...

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UBER brings ANTMAN to the Streets of India

Get bitten by Marvel’s ANT-MAN movie tickets this season with UBER Cabs. My favorite part of this entire association is the depiction of ANTs crawling in the streets, simply clever.   similar associations Similar concept was tried by Jack & Jones with UBER but with them it was just a free trip to their stores. The effectiveness is questionable but definitely a unique way to bring in customers to your...