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Piyush & Prasoon Once Again Create Magic With Fevicol’s Govinda Ad

The magic of Piyush and Prasoon with the backing of Bharat Puri, MD of Pedilite Industries have always brought a smile to the audience after watching their advertisement. This time, the trio have captured a Maharashtra festivity, Govinda and the output is simply beautiful on air. In ‘The Behind The Scenes’ video Piyush talks about the idea to have been in his mind for almost 3 years however didn’t find...

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3D Video Bikes – The Next Big Thing in OOH Advertisement

With Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Vine and Vimeo there is one other platform where technology allows brands to display their video content, its on a 3D Video Bikes Its incredible to see how technology is shaping people’s lives and what they see around. The Riders of the Wheel of Advertisement Kiryl and Art Stavenka’s founded kino-mo, a london based start-up company who won the virgin start-up of the year award for...

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Man Shaves His Beard After 14 Years – Stuns Family

A beautiful video spot of how this dude(Mook) stunned his family after shaving his beard after 14 long years. Creative concept for Super-Pharm’s private label razors – M6 by Israeli creative agency BRR Saatchi&Saatchi. Did you know the idea originated from an agency staff as he recalled his childhood memories of when he saw his dad clean shaved and couldn’t recognize at all. Emotional quotient(EQ) is a thin string, have seen very few...