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The Boy Who Breaks Everything – Commercial

2017 Subaru Legacy | Subaru Commercial | The Boy Who Breaks Everything This little boy has the misfortune of breaking everything he touches, whether it’s a castle made of blocks, a bicycle, the human organs in a mannequin or furniture. Initially, his parents panic as he climbs into the driver’s seat of their family car, but they quickly realize that he’s finally found something that’s built to last — the...

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Mercedes Congratulates BMW for their 100 Years of Competition

The much talked about Luxury Car rivalry has again surfaced but this time on a friendly note. Mercedes Benz has put up their press release Danke für 100 Jahre Wettbewerb meaning Thank You for 100 Years of Competition   “Danke für 100 Jahre Wettbewerb”: #Mercedes zum Jubiläum von #BMW – manche Zeitungsanzeigen sind einfach sehr schön pic.twitter.com/XUOhhhWIio — Susanne Preuß (@supreuss) March 7, 2016 The Thank You comes with an invitation...

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Meet The Ketchups by Heinz – Super Bowl Campaign

HEINZ’s “Meet the Ketchups” campaign is certainly the cutest ad(all dog lovers would agree). This ad starts with a big bunch of dachshunds dressed like hot dogs running towards people costumed as ketchup and musturd bottles. Ad campaign is set to be played in the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl 2016. As much as the video communicates,  about HEINZ’s wide product range, there seem to be a disconnect as its...