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With Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Vine and Vimeo there is one other platform where technology allows brands to display their video content, its on a

3D Video Bikes

Its incredible to see how technology is shaping people’s lives and what they see around.

The Riders of the Wheel of Advertisement

Kiryl and Art Stavenka’s founded kino-mo, a london based start-up company who won the virgin start-up of the year award for their innovation in the realm of advertisement and media. In-fact their first bold move was to pitch their technology to no other than the one guy whose visions are decades ahead, Mr.Richard Brandson, Founder of Virgin Atlantic.

Technically the video bike is said to have bluetooth and wifi connectivity for video and image rendering couple of other unique features like

  • All weather resistant
  • 3D holographic engine that renders life like images
  • Highest screen resolution in the segment of mobile advertisement
  • Daylight compatible
  • Rendering capability at even 4 mph speeds
  • 262K Color

The video bikes are not just the talk of the town but of the global power brands, even so that brands like Google, Samsung, Intel, GE and more have started adopting this media in their marketing plans.

Few event executions on this line

The 3D video bikes got the attention of visionaries like Richard Brandson by relating Goerge Lucas’s greatest creations – Star Wars series with kino-mo. He sees the 3D holographic display that R2-D2 had in the 1980s come to reality.

That great feeling when Sir Richard Branson considers you a great innovator

— kino-mo (@kino_mo_) January 15, 2016

Intel in Deutschland ‏

Unkompliziert und günstig: Hologramm-Projektor von @kino_mo_ könnte die Werbewelt verändern.

— Intel in Deutschland (@Intel_DE) January 19, 2016

Source : kino-mo

Media agencies/houses – kino-mo partnership

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