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Top paying jobs are not always the right career strategy

I will be honest, I have learned it the hard way but there is no fun at the end of the game. You will stand to lose as much as you gained. Most often people run behind top-paying jobs without the hindsight of what products does the company manufacture and market, will it be essential at all times. A couple of things I learned to consider before accepting an offer is 1)Check whether the products we sell or deal with is an essential product to the consumers 2) Check if the market for the product is growing as most often our pay hikes are dependent on the overall market growth 3) Check if the company has enough liquidity so support in tough times – this is a tough call as you will need to an insider or run through some forums to give a good guess 4) Check if the CEO/director/Head of the department has a clear vision 5) Over on top of this go with your gut feeling as most often your are right 6) Finally, do not accept just on the basis verbal contract, let us be honest, companies are shameless, always get all your requirements in writing.  Another hard reality is that companies pay high figure salaries to buy out all your time and energy leaving you with no room for new skill development, entrepreneurial ventures, and so on. So think twice and decide the route you want to take in the next 3 years.

We want efficient cars but not efficient lives

I know most of us to believe, to lead a good life, I need more salary. Its partially true, yes more money will enable you to buy more materials but what happens to that happiness once you buy it, you jump to the next big thing. One thing about this pandemic is that we have started cherishing all that we have and have started being happy with what we have.

Being happy with what we have is one of the most important learning hardwired in our mind thanks for this pause.

Everything has a reset button, us too

In the last couple of months, we have started to realize the value of the present and stop chasing the carrot of a better future. Right from friends and family, they are even more close even though they are 1000kms far away. The world will never be the same again but let us look at the bright side, we will face the new world with a new perspective. We have started realizing the value of the present time by not dwelling too much on the lost opportunities in the past or on the uncertain promotions that come in the future. This pandemic has transformed us from human beings to humans who are being in the present.

They say old habits die hard, does it really?

Looking at this fast-paced world, I see no room to build healthy habits like reading, writing, creative thinking, and drawing. Rather those terms have been replaced by scrolling, texting, copying, and editing. From my perspective, it looks like we exceded our speed limits and this pandemic has been a speed hump to set the world at the right pace. Miraculously most of us including myself have time to work on our long-planned activities like starting a business, working on a product they had in their mind, blogging, photography, sketching, drawing, gardening, and so on.

Health is wealth, we all know it but never realized

Yes, its an old saying but how many of us realized its true value. To be honest, your single biggest asset is yourself and yet many forget that and start running behind smaller assets thinking it will make them happy and healthy. Absolutely not. We have seen people spending millions to get healthy, so if you are already healthy, consider that you already have a million-dollar asset which you need to maintain over a period of 80 years by doing enough exercise, eat healthily and avoid harmful habits like overworking, taking and giving stress, smoking and drinking excessively.

Learn fast, implement faster

The last couple of months has witnessed a sudden surge of products tailor made for pandemics, be it the masks, multipurpose key chains, vegetable cleaners, sanitizers and 100s more. If you have an idea that solves a consumer problem then put all efforts to deliver it at the earliest possible.

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