If you are wondering what could be the Room-Mate Theory or is it a picked up theory from one of Barney Stinson’s, then I suggest you read this so called theory and realize that the theory applies to everyone who has lived with a room mate.

In a few paragraphs, you will come across some weird specimens I have gone through and so would you have.

The Germaphobic roomie

germophobic room mate

Hilarious but truth is that you have definitely met someone like this during your college or bachelor life. Such room-mates hate the very sight of your vests touching their cloths and the most hilarious part is, we do exactly what the these guys don’t like. Its like the nature itself is playing its part in this to maintain a balance. Things you might come across if you disturb them, which you will, are during any argument some of their frequently used self defense mechanisms are crying, yelling the hell out and bringing in a decoy like a mutual friend to win the argument. With time changing, i suppose their defense mechanisms have also changed which you guys might have witnessed, please throw light on them by typing in interesting things your room mate did in the comments below.

The Cook-mate


Living with a Cookmate is the best thing that can ever happen during ones bachelor life and its inevitable that you will meet several great cookmates along the way of singularity. I have lived with cook mates and they have a general character of keeping a tab of every thing that happens in the house and most probably are the host to every party arranged in your flat. Arenโ€™t they? Also they like to be appreciated about their skills of cooking like its their medal of honor. I just appreciate and go for the kill usually. Suggest you do the same. There has been two legendary cookmates I lived with during my college and have made me forget mom’s food on few occasions.

The Startup roomies


Most often you will come across an interesting and inspiring yet confusing personality during your bachelorhood. These people question the very existence, know things about every thing, watch documentaries on Steve Jobs, Jack Ma and read about brands all the time.The interesting part is their alter-ego taking over after getting drunk. So with all these put into your thoughts I guess there is a good chance you might have met the startup roomie. The funny thing about them is their approach to every smallest detail ( specially after watching a documentary). In fact there is a good chance you might bump into few of them in the upcoming movie “STEVE JOBS”.

The Fashionista roomies


Have lived with two such people and on observing them have I learnt, they see a different world, a world full of colors, designs, new trends and yes a lot of money. Ha ha ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, how else do they afford an LV, Swiss Military, Lacoste, J&J and etc. Living with them, you would constantly compare your looks with theirs, well don’t worry, its perfectly normal as I did the same too but my advice to you is to try those fashion trends gradually as the world is not used to seeing you like that.

The Family Guy

the family guy

Now you must be wondering, why would a family man come live with a bachelor, but so it happened with me and it generally happens to everybody living in a city where the rent costs a bomb. Firstly, its a different decade you gotta connect to, so be ready to listen to the 80s and 90s music in house parties, their interest in alcohol is way beyond what we think, specially those mid aged guys. Half the neighborhood bars practically run on this class of people who nest there in their later part of the day.

Play Boy roomie

the playboy room mate

Ok, since its self explanatory, its best left alone. Just an advice, please have friends you can shift for the weekend. Nuff said ๐Ÿ˜‰

And where do I fit?

Its difficult to fit into any of these after living with and observing all these characters. I take few good and a lot of bad traits in me so classifying me becomes very difficult.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to tag your room mate in the comments below.

I have an interesting perspective on how corporate offices work, its hilarious as I think about. Stay tuned!!!