Only a 90s born will understand

Ever wondered if you could rewind your entire life back to the start of your memories and sit back while it scrolls, well it so happened to me and the following might have been instances that amazes you too. Sit tight and scroll on

Kodak Cameras – The Age of the Printed Photographs


Casio Databank – The iPhone of the 95s at school


1998 – Video Games – Times we forgot our streets for the streetfighter


2000 – Floppy Disks at School – Days we actually used floppy disks to transfer data


2001 – Maggi – A lunch you wouldn’t share


2003 – The Parallel world that comes to life after school – Dragonball Z, SWAT Cats,Powerpuff girls, Sonic, Looney tones, HeMan




2004 – Sony Walkman – Give me back my cassette


2005 – Orkut – Yeah it was a big deal back then


2007 – 2GB pendrive ?? and our reaction – How did 2GB fit into this small thing?


2008 – Ipod Shuffle! Forget the pendrive, whats this, what does an iPod do?


2009 – Nokia Nseries – Often repent why we spent 25grand on them.


Well the rest is too evident and not dramatic too but its been an awesome transformation right from Kodak to GoPro, Nokia to iPhone, Symbian to Android and Sony Walkman to iPod.

Hope this brought some good old memories back to life. If you have anything to add to this story, do write in the comment box and hit enter.


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