Meet TATA’s Granny – The Agent of Change

Tata-coffee-grand -

Tata’s new ad campaign is definitely disruptive to all coffee fans, elements such as the HipHop Granny, her coffee cup bling and the sarcastic and humorous lyrics makes the brand unforgettable and blog-able. The swag patti(granny in tamil) breaks the attention of the youngsters and raps about coffee all through the video which is quite interesting and adds a smile to the viewer at the end. This digital video commercial is awesome, credits to the production team and crew, video talks about the good old coffee and they way it should actually be.

Tata-coffee-grand -

Agency, Mullen Lintas has done a brilliant job in bringing out this modern campaign and did not follow the idea of the traditional coffee route and in that sense TGBL is quite an experimental marketing team.

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