Bounce back ad campaign

Talk about ad controversies and you will have Ogilvy popping up on the search results. Don’t get me wrong, it looks like the team at Ogilvy went a little too creative and forgot the thin line between paying a tribute and creative advertising.

Some of the leading publishing houses like the Telegraph and Huffington post have called the ad ‘gory’ and ‘mokery’.

What went wrong?

Team at Ogilvy thought of the idea “Bounce Back” where ordinary people who were thrown to the depths of life bounce back to achieve something larger than life. Just the idea is capable of winning awards however what went wrong is that instead of placing ordinary people, the team decided to place Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs and Malala.

The ad depicts these icons being tossed down in their respective lives, fall on a Kurl-on mattress and bounce back into these legends we know as of today. The concept is acceptable to a certain extend but crossed the silver line with Malala by showing the horrific incident which hurt social and cultural sentiments.

The cherry to the cake is O&M(Ogilvy and Mather) never intended to publish the ad as it was just a concept and happened to have leaked out.

Strange isn’t it? There is a saying in marketing

No publicity is bad publicity

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