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With Benz congratulating BMW for their 100 years of competition and excellence, the brand BMW is poised towards their vision for the next 100 years. Often we don’t see brands think and envision their path so forward.

BMW Vision – NEXT 100 is unique at all levels with the company so focused on sustainable manufacturing processes like 4D printing and also environment friendly which they say, will be able to achieve by using eco-friendly textiles and polymers(not disclosed).  To me the above didn’t startle as much as the ALIVE Geometry.

Alive geometry allows the NEXT 100 wheel arches to move in sync with the manoeuvring of the wheel.

So what benefits are we talking if the arches move?  This means lowest centre of gravity, an unmatched aerodynamics at top speeds, extremely low drag – 0.18cV. In other words, a driving experience like never before.

Talking about driving experience, the concept offers the driver two modes – ease and boost. Each of these modes have their personalities. The ease mode will handle the job with help of LIVE assistance for you enjoy time with your family and friends. While boost mode allows the driver to take control of the car with certain safety operations running seamlessly at the background.


The concept packs itself with an adjustable side window screen giving the passenger not only privacy but also cuts the heat from direct sunlight. This feature makes it extremely efficient in terms of ambiance.


Every element of this concept is well thought through and flows fluid all throughout. BMW has set a live experience point at 4 cities. If you get a chance to visit, do experience the model.

BMW live centres

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