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Mission Accomplished – Apple Inc

Apple – Mission Impossible Director: Tom Kuntz Song: Lorne Balfe – Mission: Accomplished Country: United States Released: September 2018 Watch Apple ‘Mission Impossible’ style commercial of their 2018 keynote. This is an attempt to show Apple’s new headquarters while keeping the intend low, we must say, it is entertaining and to some level, inspiring to see how a man’s vision shapes the world.

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Redefining Bespoke : ZOZO Way

Japanese online multi-brand retailer ZOZO has redefined the way bespoke suits and dresses are made. Traditionally, bespoke suits are made by master tailors but with growing aspirations and spending capacity, people have started to customize their clothing line. To meet the requirements of the new age, ZOZO has developed a body measurement suit and with help of augmented reality, it maps the measurements of its customers.   Zozo, officially called Start Today Co....

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Rebranding of The Bengal

Bengal tourism’s latest brand campaign with their new identity,’The sweetest part of India’ is no doubt a wrap of all the little things Bengal is known for. Some know Bengal for its sweets, some for its culture, some for its natural diversity and some for its well spoken people and this is what Ogilvy and Mather have for us in the ad. This brand ad is a meticulously thought about and shot,...

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Piyush & Prasoon Once Again Create Magic With Fevicol’s Govinda Ad

The magic of Piyush and Prasoon with the backing of Bharat Puri, MD of Pedilite Industries have always brought a smile to the audience after watching their advertisement. This time, the trio have captured a Maharashtra festivity, Govinda and the output is simply beautiful on air. In ‘The Behind The Scenes’ video Piyush talks about the idea to have been in his mind for almost 3 years however didn’t find...

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On-road activity at Mumbai by Dr.Fixit

At the first glance, the activity might look like any other traditional on-road activation, however the brand and agency have smartly capitalized on the recent Mumbai monsoons by bringing in a good connect with Dr.Fixit’s product and people. Now again, the campaign’s success hugely depends on the virility and promotions around it however the efforts are quite unique especially where the police gives away an extra coat received from Dr.Fixit...

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The Boy Who Breaks Everything – Commercial

2017 Subaru Legacy | Subaru Commercial | The Boy Who Breaks Everything This little boy has the misfortune of breaking everything he touches, whether it’s a castle made of blocks, a bicycle, the human organs in a mannequin or furniture. Initially, his parents panic as he climbs into the driver’s seat of their family car, but they quickly realize that he’s finally found something that’s built to last — the...

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Spot by Virgin Media Celebrating Usain Bolt

Spot by Virgin Media is simply brilliant, displaying how records change the perception and in similar lines, they have introduced the super fast fibre optic broadband network VIVID, 200 mbps. #BeTheFastest The analogy drawn is brilliant and has a great production value attached too that makes Bolt’s and Virgin’s fans to watch it repetitively. Well, I watched it thrice for the record. The new marketing campaign was created by BBH,...

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BMW Vision – NEXT 100 – Design At Its Best

With Benz congratulating BMW for their 100 years of competition and excellence, the brand BMW is poised towards their vision for the next 100 years. Often we don’t see brands think and envision their path so forward. BMW Vision – NEXT 100 is unique at all levels with the company so focused on sustainable manufacturing processes like 4D printing and also environment friendly which they say, will be able to...

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Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Need Of The Hour And These Brands Know It Well

Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan has had its ripple effects on most of the FMCG brands and few consumer durables brands like Procter and Gamble (P&G), Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), Reckitt Benckiser (RB), Airtel, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), National Alluminium Corporation (NALCO), Eureka Forbes, Vedanta, and Apollo Tyres. The initiative these brands have taken to spread the awareness is outstanding with an obvious underlying reason, brand awareness however the social message put...

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Mercedes Congratulates BMW for their 100 Years of Competition

The much talked about Luxury Car rivalry has again surfaced but this time on a friendly note. Mercedes Benz has put up their press release Danke für 100 Jahre Wettbewerb meaning Thank You for 100 Years of Competition   “Danke für 100 Jahre Wettbewerb”: #Mercedes zum Jubiläum von #BMW – manche Zeitungsanzeigen sind einfach sehr schön — Susanne Preuß (@supreuss) March 7, 2016 The Thank You comes with an invitation...